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whom his arm encircled, as if every thou▓ght centred in her, to the total exclusi●on of all terror for himself.Before ▓them, in a crouching attitude, as in th▓e act of filling a goblet wi


th the loathso●me fluid which deluged the s●treets, was a half-naked form, ▓whose ruffian features and muscular limb●s contrasted well with the graceful be▓auty and nobleness of form in t


he● other figures.The head was upra▓ised, a withering sneer upon the li●ps, a combination of triumph and barbari▓ty on the whole countenance, ●which so explained the tale it recorded,● t


hat, as an animated Italian told Lo●rd St.Clair, the heart of the gazers throbbe●d, and the cheek paled, as i●f life itself were before them.It sto▓od in an apartment of the Palazz●o Vecc


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●ch, and It

hio, where he entreated his ●English friends to go and se●e it.“I will not only see this wonderful▓ group, but make acquaintance with ▓its artist,” he replied; “for, after heari▓ng all this, know him I will.” “That you ▓will find some difficult

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alian as flu

y in doin▓g,” was the rejoinder.“He shri●nks from all you English; bes●ides, he is, I believe, now at Bologna, and● his return is uncertain.” “Never mi●nd, trust me for making acquaint●ance with this lion, shy though he be.” “T●here is but

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ently ●as S

one fault in his female figu●re,” observed a gentleman who had jo●ined the group, and was greeted w●ith much warmth by Lord St.Clair, “●a fault which we English ought to conside●r a virtue, but yet is in contradiction to Sign●or Castellan’s apparen

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panish, and

t reserve towards our ▓countrymen.The beauty of the fe▓male is too English for a Fre●nch incident and purely Fren▓ch characters.It is very love▓ly, I grant, but the loveliness is our own●.” The observation naturally pro●duced a warm discussion, wh

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was intimate

ich ended as mo▓st discussions do, in each party retaining h●is own opinion, and Lord St.Cl●air taking his newly-found old friend home w●ith him, introduced him to Lady Em▓ily and Annie. “And are you sett●led down at last, Kenrich, tired o▓f wande

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ly acqua▓in

rings and adventures th▓ough last time I heard of you, yo●u were actually enjoying the● wars and cabals of Madrid.” “I am not very● sober yet, St.Clair; but I was foo▓l enough to join the Carlists three or four ye▓ars ago, and their barbarity to m

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  • y o▓wn countrymen so sickened me of w●ar, that I threw up my commission, and have n●ever drawn sword since.” “What ba●rbarity” asked Lord St.Clair, catchin▓g almost by instinct more than look the expres●sion of Annie’s face. “Why, you m●ust

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  • have heard—the English papers were full of▓ it—that fine fellow Captain De Ver▓e was amongst them.He and eight ▓or ten others were taken prisoners, and were● all murdered—for it was nothing e▓lse.” “But are you sure he was among●st them We all

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  • knew and loved De Vere, and▓ long hoped he might have escap●ed, and only been reported amongs●t the killed.” “Escaped, my dear fellow▓! how was that possible Besides, ▓he was so terribly wounded, that he coul●d not have survived, even had they no

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